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The Vegetables Garden

Miracles of Nature

The one between us and the earth is a true love story, and it renews itself every year. Miracles take place again and again thanks to the commitment and patience of those who work on it every day, valuing every single moment. The vegetable garden is a substantial part of our estate. It’s the heart of our philosophy: care for the raw material, attention to detail and a necessary respect for the course of nature.

img mobile From the garden to the table

From the garden to the table

A responsible and conscious choice

A respect that we try to bring to our dishes, in which we managed to reduce waste to a minimum, almost irrelevant percentage. In Dattilo’s offer you’ll find our garden. You’ll find us. Raw materials are in the spotlight in the dishes that Caterina Ceraudo keeps studying, testing and perfecting with her brigade. A deliberate choice which has gained our restaurant a Green Michelin Star.

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From our garden

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